Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.   The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

Henry Ford
(1863 - 1947, Entrepreneur)

Swiss Management Know-How for India

The BWI will introduce its Distance Learning Courses "Business Administration" and "Financial Management" at the "Indo-Swiss Management Summit for Corporate Excellence" which takes place on 30 January 2010 in New Delhi / Award of ten scholarships

What are the particular motives for the BWI's involvement in India?
Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma: The Indian subcontinent is a promising country: with more than 1.2 billion people it has great potential. There is a growing demand for management training in English. As member of the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC) we are aware of the ever increasing exchange of goods and services. In this context, the right management know-how is required. We provide our course participants with the relevant knowledge of business administration systematically and in compact form via our distance learning courses and teach them how to apply their acquired skills in reality.

Could you give us a closer insight into the work of the BWI?
Our institute has been offering practically oriented courses of further education in Business Administration since 1999. It is one of the great advantages of a private institution offering both basic and further training to be able to recognise new developments in the economy and in society at an early stage, to react with flexibility and to adjust the courses of study to the new requirements quickly and appropriately. From 2010 we will offer our training courses world-wide. For this purpose we will work with local representatives in order to be able to look after our course participants on the premises. Our objective is to convey the contents of business administration topics which can contribute to the development of the participants' personal and professional skills and thus ultimately to the company's long-term success.

Which courses of study are currently on offer at the BWI?
The core competency of our institute lies in the area of classic Business Administration. With our offer of extra occupational distance learning courses entitled "Business Economist" and "Financial Economist" we address both executives and junior managers who want to expand their basic knowledge of Business Administration. The twelve-month intensive study course "Business Economist" is tailored to the needs of managers and future managers who would like to acquire comprehensive skills in Business Administration complementing their current expert knowledge. The six-month compact study course "Financial Economist" comprises all the Business Administration topics which are relevant to the area of finance and is particularly aimed at career-oriented experts and managers working in finance.

What are the particular characteristics of the courses of studies?
By deliberately abandoning a theory-heavy study of literature and by supplying didactically enhanced study documents the training at our institute follows a highly efficiently organised structure. Most of the private courses of further education offered by the BWI are Distance Learning courses of study in order to supply the participants with the greatest possible flexibility in terms of their personal time management. In contrast to pursuing an ordinary course of study, the fact that the distance learning course documents can be worked through independently means that participants are able to revise and expand on various core topics as they wish. And this increases the learning success quite substantially. Each study module is complemented by test and revision sections so that students are able to establish individually what they have already learned and which particular topics or paragraphs need to be revised more specifically.

Which fundamentals of quality assurance are pursued at the BWI?
We pursue the highest level of quality in our company: we have a decisive competitive advantage due to the high quality of our courses of further education. This is something that marks us apart form our competitors. Therefore, permanent quality assurance and enhancement is an elementary task performed by the institutes' management. Achieving the highest possible level of quality - both in terms of course contents and the provision of services - is our guiding principle. Our quality objective is "Make no mistakes!". The course participants are at the focus of our events. It is our task to meet their requirements and expectations. On 12th March 2007 our institute was awarded the Swiss eduQua-Certificate. It promotes quality assurance and creates a higher degree of transparency on the market of further education. The eduQua-Certificate was reconfirmed on 12th March 2009.

What are the BWI's endeavours in the area of Social Commitment?
Our modern society is characterised by insecurity and a fast pace of life. Today we are challenged with a diversity of problems on all levels of life. In order to meet those challenges Social Commitment forms an integral, active part of life at our institute. We are aware of our responsibility towards social issues and society itself and face up to these challenges. For many years we have supported SOS Children's Villages with several sponsorships. We also attach great importance to art and culture. We support young musicians in Germany in cooperation with the German Foundation Musical Life (Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben). When entering the Indian market we will also live our Social Commitment principles. In 2009 we already supported the Friends of India in Geneva by making a donation to facilitate the construction of a school in the slums of Chennai. In 2010 we will continue to work closely together with our partners in India and support social projects.

Prior to its launch on the Indian market the BWI will host a special event to bring the institute to people's attention. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?
The Indo-Swiss Management Summit for Corporate Excellence is designed to become a regular event which we intend to host annually for years to come. We would like to supply people who take an interest in our institute with the opportunity of getting to know the BWI. Furthermore, our Indian participants are thus provided with a platform for exchanging opinions and leading discussions.

Why should the people who are interested in your institute not miss the first Indo-Swiss Management Summit?
There will be a number of interesting lecturers and people will be given the chance of getting to know one another. But apart from that the BWI has thought up something special for its launch on the Indian market. In order to give out positive signals in times of economic depression we will award ten scholarships in India. The winners will be announced in the context of an event at the Qutab Hotel in New Delhi on 30th January.

Events of the Day:
Indo-Swiss Management Summit for Corporate Excellence
11.00 am    Networking with Tea
11:30 am    Introduction to Summit for Press and attendees - Manoj Gupta, CEO DMB & Director, Swiss KV
11:40 am    Message from Swiss Ambassador
        Message from Representative from SICCI
        Message from Representative - FICCI
12:15 am    Introduction to BWI Switzerland (Dr. Thoma)
12:30 pm    Question and Answer session with the Media
1:15 pm    Poolside Lunch
02:00 pm    Panel of Speakers - Talking about importance of Education for Corporate
        Rajiv Goel - MD ESIPL - Technocrat to MD
        Dr. KumKum Srivastava, Director Swiss Kalpvriksh - CSR
        Joy Mukherjee - FIITJEE
03:00 pm    Tea Break
03:15 pm    Management Comedy Act
04:00 pm    Brand Ambassador Award Ceremony
04:30 pm    Closing Note
Hotel Qutap, New Delhi