Make no small plans.
They do not possess the magic to  stir man's blood and will remain unrealised.  Make big plans, aim high in hope - and work!

Daniel Hudson Burnham
(1846 - 1942, Architect in Chicago)

Exclusive Services for India

We are developing and offering a number of exclusive services for our Indian participants to help them developing their future career in Europe an Switzerland.

1. Industry visits in Switzerland for candidates pursuing the distance learning online business administration program on completion of the sixth module subject to terms and conditions as decided by BWI-Switzerland.

2. Placement assistance to be carried out jointly by BWI-Switzerland and BWL-India for corporates in Switzerland based on the professional profile of the candidate successfully completing this online intensive program in business administration.

3. Visa assistance for successfully placed candidates in the various corporates in Switzerland with the assistance of the concerned corporate.

4. Language assistance and cultural assistance if needed and desired to be provided by BWI-Switzerland at the time of settlement of the candidate and his/her family in Switzerland.

5. Internship assistance to be given by BWI-Switzerland for graduates with no experience with different corporates in Switzerland after successfully completing the distance-learning online intensive program in business administration.

Please note that this might incur additional costs, such as for visa, travel, accommodation or other charges.
The cost of the support of the BWL Institute is included in the tuition fees.