Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.   The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

Henry Ford
(1863 - 1947, Entrepreneur)

Mission and Strategy

(1) People People are at the centre of our endeavours. Companies are shaped by people in the first place. They are the ones who develop goals and ideas and who are ultimately responsible for the success or the failure of a company.

(2) Objectives Our objective is to impart knowledge of business administration in order to further the participants' personal and professional development which can ultimately prove conducive to a company's lasting success. The courses are not about scientific theories and complex approaches. Our teaching is practice-oriented so that the participant can apply the knowledge he has gained directly for the benefit of his company.

(3) Contents The core competence of our institute lies in classical business administration. This includes topics such as Accounting and Controlling, Finance and Investment Analysis, Management Studies, Marketing or Strategic Management. These are our areas of competence and excellence and therefore our experienced lecturers concentrate on imparting their knowledge of these classical topics of business administ.

(4) Quality Our guiding principle is to provide the highest possible standard of quality of teaching and service alike. Merely imparting consolidated knowledge of business administration does not suffice. We set a high standard of quality with regards to the assistance and support we offer our participants, the rendering of various processes as well as the teaching materials provided.

(5) Lifelong Learning Our further education programmes do not replace a course of study at a university or technical college but are intended to complement previously acquired scientific skills in other disciplines, in practice or in-service training. Knowing all too well that in our modern world lifelong learning is indispensable we address participants who are already in possession of appropriate professional qualifications and experience and who seek to acquire the control and management tools of business administration.

(6) Flexibility In our fast-moving world a high degree of flexibility is often essential. Flexibility in terms of changing framework conditions as well as in terms of the learning methods applied. The courses on offer at our institute meet those demands of flexibility. The processes are organised in such a way that our participants can integrate them flexibly into their professional and personal lives.

(7) Commitment Modern society is marked by insecurity and a fast pace. We are faced with a variety of problems and challenges at all levels. Our institute is keen on showing an interest in areas outside economics. We are dedicated to the advancement of art and culture which serve us as a source of leisure, imagination and innovation. Art can endow us with the strength to tackle the social and societal problems and challenges that we are faced with today.

(8) Governing Principle Make no small plans. They do not possess the magic to stir man's blood and will remain unrealised. Make big plans, aim high in hope - and work!.

Daniel Hudson Burnham
(1846 - 1942, Architect in Chicago)