5 Rules for Success

5. guiding principle
Of course, it is indeed very important to  have big dreams, visions and hope.  However, this is not enough.  The most important reason for succes is just hard work!

Learning Objectives

Our main objective is the practice-oriented, compact and systematic advancement of knowledge in business economics. Participants learn how to apply their newly gained skills in practice for the benefit of their company.

Within the framework of our intensive courses the following three fundamental competences are imparted:
  1. Technical Expertise
  2. Methods Competence
  3. Self-Learning Competence

1. Technical Expertise
It is not in our intention to train specialists in the various disciplines, such as Controlling and Marketing specialists. We seek to deepen present knowledge and to make connections so that participants may enter into a consolidated discussion with experts from different fields within their company. Our participants should be able to complement their expertise with skills in Business Administration in order to extend their competences even further.

After completing the intensive course the participants should possess the necessary skills to:
- competently discuss issues related to business administration with experts, be able to comprehend individual terms, concepts and connections
- grasp the essential concepts of classical business administration
- know and apply the management and control instruments of business administration
- know, understand, evaluate and analyse operational ratios
- implement and practically apply the models and concepts of business administration at their workplace as a means of complementing their expert knowledge
- find and practically apply new approaches and concepts of company management by combining their know-how in business administration with their existing expert knowledge

2.Methods Competence
Our participants all have busy professional and private lives. Therefore our intensive courses are extra-occupational. Very oftern our participants are in a phase of further development, restructuring or orientation towards new ideas. The intensive course must be designed to integrate well into their individual professional and personal lives.

For a successful completion of the intensive course the participant is faced with the following challenges:
- organising one's time
- dealing with stress
- finding motivation

The organisation and execution of the intensive course are especially designed to support our participants in facing these challenges in the best possible way.

Our objective goes further than to merely impart technical knowledge which is required for a successful completion of the intensive course. Our participants receive positive impulses which will help them to deal with other factors such as time, stress and motivation. These skills may form essential assets for their future success.

Further methods competences practised at our intensive courses are:
- scientific working
- distinguishing important issues from unimportant ones
- revision and structuring of knowledge

3.Self-Learning Competence
Self-Learning Competence is the ability to plan and successfully carry out a learning process independently by taking into account one's individual strengths and weaknesses. This process is about finding, developing and applying appropriate learning strategies suited to one's personality. This includes the ability of self-motivation, of setting goals and of pursuing them consistently and - where required - the ability of making adjustments.

Nowadays these competences are of great importance to our professional lives. Lasting success is granted to the person who understands how to acquire knowledge relevant to him in a fast and targeted way, how to keep it up-to-date and how to distinguish important issues from unimportant ones.

Self-learning competences are practised in the context of our intensive training courses - together with one's technical expertise they form an important basis for future professional success.