If you want to build a ship,
do not drum up men to gather wood,   give orders and divide the work, but teach them    to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(1900 - 1944, French writer and aviator)


Personal learning determines success

Remote students decide when to do the work and need to motivate themselves. Intensive Courses in Business Administration begins October 15, 2009.

BASEL (01.07.2009) - According to education experts, personal learning in distance learning programs plays the most important role in the success of ones completion. "The students decide on their own success", said Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma, head of studies Betriebwirtschaftliches Institut & Seminar Basel AG / Switzerland.

According to Thoma, personal learning is the ability to independently, taking into account ones personal strengths and weaknesses, create and implement a learning program to be successful. "Each Student must find, develop, and apply a leaning strategy to fit their personality", said the head of studies. Students perform better when they are motivated to have effective leaning strategies and have confidence to control their own leaning.

Focus on the essentials
According to his experiences, a fifth of the performance differences are due to different leaning requirements in terms of strategy, motivation, and self-confidence in ones performance. The organization and the operations of the intensive studies at the Betriebwirtschaftliches Institut Basel are, according to Thoma, geared to help students with the challenges in dealing with time, stress management, and motivation. The success in leaning is less dependent on the teaching method, such as text books, computer software, or teacher, but important is the contribution each student makes to themselves. "Only those who have the discipline to concentrate on the essential and important things bring the ability to learn independently", said Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma.

Basis for professional success
According to current studies, the motivation to learn and the ability of personal leaning lie before expertise in the expectations of companies. Promoting personal leaning is an essential part of the intensive courses in business administration and financial management, which start October 15, 2009. The intensive course is tailored to occupational practitioners and managers from non-economic backgrounds. According to Thoma, in the nine to twelve month time frame of the intensive study, students at the BWL-Institute will, in accordance with the principal of promoting practice and be educated in personal leaning. "This is an important basis for further professional success."

Learning without artificial pressure
Distance learning requires more self-discipline than a regular course study. However, not even distance learning can work without exams. In principle the students determine the speed of learning and work projects take superiority. "There is no artificial pressure to turn in assignments at a certain time", said the head of studies. After each subject there is a mid-exam to complete, however, with a self determined return date. "Only those who are able to quickly and precisely develop, constantly update, and separate the essential from the non essential relevant knowledge, will obtain long-term success", advises Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma.

Studying without changing location
With independence and self-responsibility students in distance leaning need to set clear priorities in their leaning environment of friends, family, and work. Work and Study combine perfectly together for distance learning, without changing location or the role of the private environment. "The right expertise at the right time and at the right place saves resources", said the head of studies.

Betriebwirtschaftliches Institut und Seminar Basel AG
The Betriebwirtschaftliches Institut und Seminar Basel AG was founded in 1999 and as a private training and continuing educator offers efficient and practical courses. The institute focuses on the themes of traditional business administration. Around 100 students enrol in intensive courses of study for Business Economist (BI) annually.

The institute is a member of the Swiss Association for Adult Education (SVEB) and the European Association of Distance Learning (EADL) which offers its members in 15 countries a forum for the exchange and discussion of current trends and tendencies in continuing education.

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