5 Rules for Success

3. know your core competence
A core competence is a specific factor which drives  your company and which differentiates your company from   others.It is very important to know your core competencies  on which you can build your strategy.

   Robert Betschart: Business knowledge enriches the day to day business

Intensive Course in Business Administration / April 2008

"The theoretical business knowledge has enormously enriched the practical day to day business", says Robi Betschart. The 28-year-old, overseas imports department manager at the worldwide active transport and logistics group Panalpina in Mexico, completed the distance leaning program Business Economist Certificate (BI) with a grade of 5.45

Despite his professional engagements in Central America, Betschart from Arlesheim (Switzerland) accepted the challenge of further education. "I wanted to deepen my business knowledge" he said, justifying his entry into a distance leaning program at the Betriebswirtschafliches Institut & Seminar Basel. The trade employee built his career with determination: in 1998 he joined Panalpina as an intern. After three years at a permanent position in the ocean fright, oversees import department, he moved in 2003 to the Aztec country, the fourth most important business partner of Switzerland on the American continent.

Learned Knowledge for Practice
New challenges in management should follow. On his new career path he wants to use his leaned knowledge. "The topics accounting and planning as well as the large business connections are a particularly great enrichment" said Betschart. Accounting, Controlling, Business Management and Strategic Management were the areas which interested him the most. "Very interesting and challenging" he has said of the tests in the sub-modules. The leaning concept without deadlines makes the program flexible, which can be especially useful when the workload changes in the job.

Self initiative and discipline
A distance leaning program requires more than just attendance at lectures. The independence and goal orientation of the program was the most fun for Betschart. "It takes self initiative and discipline" he says. Without teachers in a classroom the students must rely more on themselves and plan their own course schedule. This was not always easy for Betschart. Due to frequent business travel he had to adapt the time consuming program of the business books with his family and work. "I had to work a couple of overtime hours" he said describing his experiences during his one year study program. Family and Leisure, however, never came too short.

Robert Betschart, Col. Vertiz Narvarte (Mexiko)