5 Rules for Success

3. know your core competence
A core competence is a specific factor which drives  your company and which differentiates your company from   others.It is very important to know your core competencies  on which you can build your strategy.

   Vasileios Manolopoulos: I can really say it was worth it

The combination of one online course combined with a demanding professional career is never easy. However, looking back to the courses, I can really say it was worth it. From both practical and theoretical aspect, a lot of new knowledge on how a company works and how the relevant challenges can be met was earned - from accounting principles and controlling, to strategic planning and marketing.

The way this educational project is set up, diminishes any eventual difficulties someone may think of a distance learning program. The feedback from teaching personnel is impressively quick - usually one day or less; always in detailed way and with necessary repeat when necessary.

Furthermore, the time limit is wide enough to enable the study without the fear of killing deadlines - plus the Institute being open to discussion if need be makes following the courses even more easygoing. Equally important, an extended economic background is not necessary as the courses take step by step from the basic parts to the advanced elements.

From my professional point of view, as a maritime company is a field where a high end management is required, the BWL Institute gave me a further ability to strengthen my skills.

All in all, I can only be positive and strongly recommend the BWL institute program to anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge in management and economics.

Vasileios Manolopoulos, Athens, (Greece)