Anyone who stops learning is old,
whether at twenty or eighty.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.   The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

Henry Ford
(1863 - 1947, Entrepreneur)

   Peter Wittwer: Successful transfer of theoretical knowledge to reality

Compact Course of Study in Business Administration

"I successfully managed to transfer the contents of the course in Business Administration to reality," Peter Wittwer (53) from Meggen near Luverne states after successfully completing the Compact Course of Study in "Financial Management". In September 2009 he graduated with a mark of 5.97 with a Financial Economist Diploma (BI) The core elements of the course Controlling, Financing and Investment Calculation suited the tasks Wittwers had to execute in his position as Head of Accounting at the KV Centre of Education in Lucerne down to a tee. "This was of direct relevance to practical experience. Due to my professional environment the course contents were easy to integrate into my work."

After completing a commercial training in the field of escrow services Wittwer gained practical experience in taxation, retail business and in the printing sector. Further steps in his professional life were a variety of cadre and managerial positions until he was appointed Head of Accounting at the KV Centre of Education in Lucerne. Among other things Wittwer has been looking after the wages of 300 lecturers and 150 members of the teaching staff at occupational schools. The KBZ in Lucerne comprises the Commercial Technical College (KBS) with 2000 students as well as the Institute for Further Education (IWB) with roundabout 3000 students per year.

Further education has always been an important cause to Peter Wittwer . The obtainment of knwoledge of escrow services, taxation and social security as well as information technology formed part of his private learning schedule. "I have always wanted to know more than just using a computer. I wanted to look behind the scenes."

Questioning the Value of Education
My diploma thesis arose from my personal motivation. It was entitled "Controlling in Education as Leadership Tool in the Conflict Area of Educational Mission and Rentability." Wittwer examined herein the codependencies between planning, controlling and guidance of educational processes. "I was greatly interested in that subject matter," Wittwer said. There were new tools in educational controlling helping to measure and demonstrate the value of education. It was a lucky strike that the Head of Accounting was able to deal with this theoretical subject in the context of putting a project into practice and to document the progress of the project. "That was a very exciting phase."

Flexible Time Management
The extra-occupational Distance Learning Course was a great asset for Peter Wittwer. It gave him a new motivation boost to accept new challenges within the context of his usual work. Wittwer who takes a great interest in culture and nature subdivided his studies into three phases. During the first phase of the Distance Learning Course he dedicated a lot of his free time and numerous holidays to studying and it took him about a year to rpepare for the first module examination. In the second phase his professional and educational endeavours merged ideally - supported by his employer - while actively working on the IWB project. It took him roughly six months to prepare his Diploma Thesis. In parallel to studying the relevant literature in private, conducting research on the subject and executing it he was offered the opportunity to dedicate part of his working day to work the impressions he had gained on the project into the practical part of his diploma thesis.

Wittwer had already encountered the learning method "Distance Learning" when he was younger while training for his job in escrow services. He particularly appreciated the chance of managing his time individually. He said the study documents were focussed on the core issues of the course with no extra ballast.

New Motivation for His Job
By taking the Distance Learning Course Peter Wittwer found that new professional perspectives were opening up for him. At the KV Centre for education he manages new projects within the framework of the Internal Controlling Systems (IKS). Having completed the Distance Learning Course meant he is now approached on issues relating to Educational Controlling as well as analyses in the context of quality management interfaces.

Peter Wittwer, CH-6045 Meggen