5 Rules for Success

2. be the best
There are only two possibilities to be succesfull in business:  beeing the best or beeing the cheapest.  It is not possible to follow both strategies.  Try to be the best and focus on quality.

Courses of Studies

By deliberately abandoning the idea of a theory-heavy study of literature and by providing didactically optimised study documents, studying at a private institute is rendered much more efficiently than studying at state universities.

The Betriebswirtschaftliche Institut und Seminar Basel mainly offers Distance Learning Courses for private further education to grant their students the highest possible degree of flexibility taking into account their pesonal circumstances and the time they can actually set aside for study. By independently working through the study documents the participants have the option of revising and broadening their understanding of certain topics according to their personal needs.

This optimises the students' learning success significantly.

Each study module is complemented by examination papers and practice sheets. These should be filled in after having studied the text twice. This is a self-check of one's progress in learning and a way to identify any gaps in one's knowledge and understanding.

BWL takes you further!
Do you want to make a change in your career? To get ahead in your career? Search for new challenges? In this case, deep knowledge of business administration is very important! Thus the financial burden of further education will be manageable in such a situation, we offer special conditions.
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