5 Rules for Success

3. know your core competence
A core competence is a specific factor which drives  your company and which differentiates your company from   others.It is very important to know your core competencies  on which you can build your strategy.

Information on Studies

  1. You should work through the study documents chapter by chapter. Should there not be sufficient time to work through a whole chapter do not start to read it in the first place.

  2. You should initially read through the entire chapter.

  3. On second reading mark or underline those passages that seem particularly important to you. Most importantly try to fully comprehend the exercises.

  4. After a long-ish break you should work through the chapter for a third time.

  5. Only tackle the exercises at the end of each subject field after having worked through the text twice. You may thus check your state of knowledge and revise those areas that you have not yet mastered.

  6. If you feel confident about having mastered the exercises you should apply to the institute for an intermediate examination on the relevant subject field.

  7. In some cases the institute might get in touch with the participant to offer further advice or information.