Make no small plans.
They do not possess the magic to  stir man's blood and will remain unrealised.  Make big plans, aim high in hope - and work!

Daniel Hudson Burnham
(1846 - 1942, Architect in Chicago)

Organisation of Studies

At the beginning of the course the participant will receive the study documents for the entire course. This will help to get an overview of the topics covered and will allow for a better scheduling of study time.

The study documents are compiled according to subject fields. After working through each of the subject fields the participant must take an intermediate examination. There are self-check exam papers and exercises attached at the end of each subject field which serve to check one's state of knowledge and help to close any gaps in knowledge and understanding.

Having worked through a particular subject field the participant may apply for an intermediate examination. An intermediate examination should be requested if the participant has answered most of the questions in the relevant subject field competently and unassisted. After receipt of the examination papers the participant has to take the intermediate examination within a week.

Apart from the dates of entry on 15 April and 15 October there are no further set dates, not even for the intermediate examination. After taking up his studies the participant is free to arrange his time for study as flexibly as he requires.

The intensive course takes approx. 9 months on average, the compact course of study approx. 6 months depending on how much time the participant can dedicate to his studies. A nine-month course requires an average of 10 hours of study time a week.

Should the participant require more time to complete the course this will not attract any additional tuition fees.