5 Rules for Success

2. be the best
There are only two possibilities to be succesfull in business:  beeing the best or beeing the cheapest.  It is not possible to follow both strategies.  Try to be the best and focus on quality.

   Video Messages

John Atkin, Syngenta

Ewald Diesslin, EPD Consulting

Martin Mueller, excellence-for-men.ch

Vasileios Manolopoulos
(Athens, Greece)


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   Reports from our participants

   »  Vasileios Manolopoulos: "Looking back to the courses, I can really say it was worth it"

»  Dr Ulf Basting-Neumann MD: " Controlling is becoming increasingly important for medical staff"

»  Robert Betschart: "Business knowledge enriches the day to day business"

»  Marcel Keller: "Everything under Control with Controlling "

»  Till Lokai: "Successfully bridging architecture and Business Administration"

»  Jürgen Magnussen: "Climbing the career ladder with pure willpower"

»  Frank Memmler: "With additional business qualifications to a leadership position"

»  Andrea Michel: "I did it for myself"

»  Paskalis Triantafyllidis: "Obtaining additional qualifications while taking pleasure in studying"

»  Peter Wittwer: "Successful transfer of theoretical knowledge to reality"


   Roland Utzinger (CH)
...I give you high praise; it was a great pleasure to work with the materials. I am certain that the course materials will be of great help in many situations...

Bruno Riedo (CH)
...it was an exciting time with many refreshing topics any new inputs...

Roland Oswald (A)
...in my opinion the course content was on point, focused on the essentials, and appropriate for the practical implementation in the professional world...

Christian Becker (D)
...only through qualified and ongoing education can one obtain the professional goals set for oneself. One who does not decide for himself will have others decide for him in the future. I decided for the Business Economist Certificate (BI) in order to as a banker, business man, and sales trainer ADG further optimally qualify myself. Now at the end of my study program, I am amazed and would like to thank Dr. Thoma sincerely.

Thomas Stein (E)
...after several years in practice it was very refreshing to complete another study program. The entire material, formation, and structure follow the anticipated requirements. Especially worthy are the topic relative study materials that contain no unneeded distractions. It is rare to see such straightforward material that only concentrates on the important topics. This tremendously helped to learn the material in a fast interesting manner. Thank you very much. It was a true joy and in the end you are glad that you "dared" to do it...