5 Rules for Success

2. be the best
There are only two possibilities to be succesfull in business:  beeing the best or beeing the cheapest.  It is not possible to follow both strategies.  Try to be the best and focus on quality.

Course of Study

By deliberately renouncing a theory-heavy study of literature and by providing didactically optimised study documents studying at our institute is rendered much more effciently than studying at a state university.

The courses of study therefore take only 9-12 months to complete.

Normal working hours remain unaffected. The participant may freely organise his study time. In this way the participant may flexibly integrate this course of study into his professional and private life.

In the context of a Distance Learning Course the so-called self-learning competences play an important role. As they form an intergral part of our intensive courses of study we are dedicated to furthering and challenging them alike. These competences include the following issues:
  • how do I organise my studies:
    - time factor
    - motivation levels
    - dealing with stress
    - keeping up concentration?
  • how can I actively acquire the relevant knowledge and identify the essential?
  • how can I revise my knowledge, structure it and keep it fresh in my mind for a long time?
Nowadays these competences are of great importance to our professional lives. Lasting success is granted to the person who understands how to acquire knowledge relevant to him in a fast and targeted way, how to keep it up-to-date and how to distinguish important issues from unimportant ones.

Self-learning competences are practised the context of our intensive training courses - together with the technical expertise they form an important basis for future professional success.